AFII Capital advises AFII Ventures which has specific interest in investments in Renewables and ESG. It has been investing on its own and in partnership with other Family Offices, into the PV and Wind space. Its AUM includes Renewables and Logistic Assets in Europe and is looking to expand as also diversify geographically. It is looking to invest also in various other ESG divisions including EV Infrastructure and Waste to Hydrogen space. We are open to offers of Partnership in Project SPVs, typically either at incubation stage or when the projects have been operational and the existing promoter is looking for equity release. The Infra Advisory Team would take the lead and take the proposals to the Investment Team as soon as initial interest can be established. Please write to us on – to initiate a discussion.

Important: By virtue of this Note AFII Capital GmbH or its associates or subsidiaries are not soliciting any investments or any clients or suggesting that we can manage or advise on any investments of any Family Office, Individual or Institution. This is a pure announcement of interest to partner in a business project or projects, which may be defined, selected or invested in or rejected for any reason whatsoever which AFII Capital or its associates will not be under any obligation to explain or provide.