Arun Lohiya

AFII’s Aviation business in India is led by Mr. Arun Lohiya who brings decades of experience in the industry to the Firm. 

We are in a position to offer optimized leveraging on Aircraft Finance – both new and pre-owned machines. We have a special focus towards India, where we have special solutions for budding entrepreneurs looking for personal transportation machines, the “Udan” players, besides State Governments in India acquiring machines for government use.

We are incubating a new Fund for financing Aircrafts and Marine Assets duly covered by synthetic and real collaterals besides visible cash flows. We welcome enquiries and prospective Limited Partners.

Our quotes for Business jet finance in Europe, Latin America and East Asia are also more competitive on real pricing basis as we are able to structure them with optimum leverage and minimum equity supporting new machine transactions with synthetic collaterals. 

AFII’s network of partnerships brings it access to Aircraft Operators, Charter Companies, Aircraft Resellers, Aircraft Financiers, Airport Operators, Airport Consulting Companies, all over Europe and United States.

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