We have traditionally been an Infra and Structured Finance focused Group with a keen interest in incubating new products, new projects and providing innovative simple solutions to complex problems. The AFII Capital Team based in Frankfurt has built its core expertise around Asset Finance as also enabling wholesale finance/liquidity for performing financial intermediaries especially in the SME/MFI segment. While Asset Finance would include Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Aircrafts, Yachts, Railway Equipment, Sea-going Vessels and River Barges, the Structured Finance team is always looking for other challenges to meet including restructuring, creation of synthetic collaterals and enabling finance for quality but non-standard asset portfolios. Please reach out to us for an assessment of your challenging situation allowing us to suggest remedies.

Some of the interesting products are listed here below. Please write to us at reachus@afiicapital.com for helping us review your requirement and propose a possible solution.