AFII advises on and manages Loan/Lease structures for Business Aircraft that may be bought into the Balance Sheet of the Buyer; alternately, we can structure Lease/ Sub-Lease structures to mitigate substantial operating and transaction risk to the borrower/lender.

OffShore Ownerships

Where the buyer has substantial business offshore, it may have reasons to locate its Aircraft abroad. Alternately, we remain in the lookout of investments friendly nations and jurisdictions that offer benefits, incentives, and facilities for locating Aircraft and/ or engaging in the business of Aircraft Ownership, Maintenance & Operation. Such structures help reduce the initial Capex to be invested for the purpose.

Besides providing Financial, Tax & Legal Services in such jurisdictions, AFII also has its relationships in place for supporting Aircraft Operating and Maintenance Services in most of Europe and the USA.

Onshore Ownerships

We support in the provision of $/€/INR denominated lease/Loan facilities for the acquisition of Aircraft for Private Use of Indian Entrepreneurs/Foreign Companies desiring to own an Aircraft with VT Registration. The ownership structures can be Modified Off-Shore Ownerships, Pure On-Shore Structures, with currency denomination according to the choice of the Purchaser.

We access finance from both Indian & Specialized Aviation Finance Institutions abroad with whom AFII has a stable and consistent relationship and track record.

We have a Legal Cell in-house with qualified lawyers supporting the implementation team. However, we seek the support from international Law & Taxation firms where required.